Saturday, April 1st- Bootleg Whiskey Band (9pm-1am)

Thursday, Apr 6th- Brad Moore (6:30-9:30)

Friday, Apr 7th- Yours For The Taking (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Apr 8th- Radio City (9pm-1am)

Thursday, Apr 13th- The Fiddlestix

Friday, Apr 14th- Saving For Vegas (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Apr 15th- Fat Dog (9pm-1am)

Thursday, Apr 20th- Buzzards & Angels (7-10pm)

Friday, Apr 21st- Red Light Go (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Apr 22nd- Southern Ground (9pm-1am)

Wednesday, Apr 26th Hillbilly Deluxe/Truck Night (7pm)

Friday, Apr 28th- The Jack (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Apr 29th- Hillbilly Deluxe (9pm-1am)


Wed, May 3rd- Cliff Cody (7-10pm)

Thursday, May 4th- Brad Moore (patio) (6pm-9pm)

Friday, May 5th- TBD

Saturday, May 6th- The Trains (8pm-12pm)

Thursday, May 11th- Steve Brunton (patio) (6-9pm)

Friday, May 12th- 23 Southbound (9pm-1am)

Saturday, May 13th- Radio City (9pm-1am)

Friday, May 19th- 80's & 90's DJ Beach Party (9-1am)

Saturday, May 20th- These Guys Live (9pm-1am)

Thursday, May 25th- TBD (patio)

Friday, May 26th- The Jack (9pm-1am)

Saturday, May 27th- Bootleg Whiskey Band (9pm-1am)

Sunday, May 28th- The Menu's (Memorial Day Bash) 5pm


Thursday, June 1st- Brad Moore (6pm-9pm)

Friday, June 2nd- TBD

Saturday, June 3rd- Southern Ground (9pm-1am)

Thurs, June 8th- TBD

Friday, June 9th- Better Off Fred (9pm-1am)

Saturday, June 10th- Crossfire (9pm-1am)

Thursday, June 15th- Steve Brunton  (6-9pm)

Friday, June 16th- Red Light Go (9pm-1am)

Saturday, June 17th- The Trains (8pm-12pm)

Wed, June 21st- Cliff Cody (7-10pm)

Thursday, June 22nd- TBD

Friday, June 23rd- Tailgatorz (9pm-1am)

Saturday, June 24th- The Jack (9pm-1am)

Friday, June 30th- Jacob Lones Band (9pm-1am)


Saturday, July 1st- Radio City (9pm-1am)

Thursday, July 6th- Brad Moore (6pm-9pm)

Friday, July 7th- Dirt Road Reunion (9pm-1am)

Saturday, July 8th-TBD

Thursday, July 13th- TBD

Friday, July 14-TBD

Saturday, July 15th-Bootleg Whiskey Band (9pm-1am)

Thursday, July 20th- TBD

Friday, July 21st- Tailgatorz (9pm-1am)

Saturday, July 22nd- The Trains (8pm-12pm)

Thursday, July 23rd- TBD

Friday, July 28th- Southern Ground (9pm-1am)

Saturday, July 29th- The Jack (9pm-1am)


Thursday, August 3rd- Brad Moore (6pm-9pm)

Friday, August 4th-

Saturday, August 5th-

Friday, August 11th-

Saturday August 12th-

Friday, August 18th- 23 Southbound (9pm-1am)

Saturday, August 19th- Hillbilly Deluxe (9pm-1am)

Friday, August 25th- The Jack (9pm-1am)

Saturday, August 26th- Radio City (9pm-1am)


Friday, Sept 1st- No Regrets (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Sept 2nd-  Bootleg Whiskey Band (9pm-1am)

Thursday, Sept 7th- Brad Moore (6pm-9pm)

Friday, Sept 8th- Red Light Go (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Sept 9th- OSU

Thursday, Sept 14th-

Friday, Sept 15th-  Shucking Bubba Acoustic (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Sept 16th- OSU/ Buzzard Kings (9pm-1am)

Thursday, Sept 21st-

Friday, Sept 22nd- Southern Ground (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Sept 23rd- OSU/ Pretty Filth (9pm-1am)

Friday, Sept 29th- The Divide (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Sept 30th- The Jack (9pm-1am)


Thursday, Oct 5th- Brad Moore (7-10pm)

Friday, Oct 6th- The Trains

Saturday, Oct 7th- OSU- Junkbox (9pm-1am)

Thursday, Oct 12th-

Friday, October 13th- These Guys Live (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Oct 14th- OSU-   Vodka Roxx (9pm-1am)

Thurday, Oct 19th-

Friday, Oct 20th-

Saturday, Oct 2st-

Thursday, Oct 26th-

Friday, Oct 27th- No Regrets/Halloween Party (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Oct 28th-OSU


Thursday, Nov 2nd- Brad Moore (7pm-9pm)

Friday, Nov 3rd- 23 Southbound (9pm-1am)

Saturday, Nov 4th- The Jack (9pm-1am)

Thursday, Nov 9th-

Friday, Nov 10th- The Divide

  • Fat Bottom Girls4:16
  • Dust On The Bottle3:45